Cacophonie has always been surrounded by music, beginning with piano. It was her first love and her first curse. Paraded around various stages, dressed in ridiculous outfits, sealed away from childhood, and forced to learn repertoire she didn’t necessarily like, she eventually found her escape into percussion. At first, it was a wondrous world that brought her orchestra, wind ensemble, chamber music, and marching band. Along the way, she dabbled in the dark arts of music theory, the sorcery of conducting, and the healing powers of music education. But soon, she found academia and the conservatoire were just as exclusive, abusive, and hypocritical as her pianistic upbringing. Although she earned the title Dr. Cacophonie, she set off on a new path of creativity, acceptance, and nerdiness. After many moons of wandering in the twitch-o-verse, Cacophonie was inducted into the Social Justice Bards, a group of nerdy musicians, artists, and gamers who aren’t afraid to fight for what’s right. Currently, Cacophonie writes and performs her own nerd music and songs with Soul (marimba), Stardust (Vibraphone), Lilith (Piano), Calamity (Ukulele), and Garnet (Drum Set). Cacophonie ironically lives on a Sound in the PNW with Darmund_IntheRough (her lovely tuba-playing spouse), Bayonetta (the feisty tuxedo cat), Muta (the affectionate cat that adopted us), and Marsh (the toasted-marshmallow-colored husky). You can catch her regularly streaming live music on Download her music on bandcamp and follow her on all social medias @PercussiveEvent.