The Social Justice Bards are a group of live streamers, musicians, storytellers and other creatives that try to celebrate art in the face of mental illness, a terrifying political climate, and a world that we can’t always control. Sometimes, just being yourself is a radical act and being proud of that might be the light someone needs to see.

Our sigil is a parallel lute and quill, a call for creating equality with our words and music. Social Justice Bards aim to punch up, speak truth to power and oppression, and lighten hearts if we can. Idealistic? Hell yes. We have to keep believing something will matter.

While many of us met on Twitch, we’ve expanded beyond that as we’ve made new friends at sci-fi cons, gigs, and other areas in meatspace. We’ve developed as a geeky, creative networking group with members all across the USA and beyond and host a behind-the-scenes Discord for collaboration, support, lead sharing, and connecting with other artsy types and fans alike.

Current Social Justice Bard Creators:

Friends and Alums:

Message us or check out one of our Twtich streams to join our Discord chat server!

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