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The 2023 submissions are now closed.

Let’s cover each other’s original songs! I got the idea from the Saving Music Live Twitch Community yearly albums.

Contact me with questions! If you don’t have a place to host your songs or link them online, message me and you can send them to me directly.

Ways to Participate:
-Submit an original song AND cover a swapped song
-Submit a song only
-Cover a song only

Songs must have original lyrics and music, or have a tune in the public domain. Unfortunately, we’re not able to include parodies or other TTTO songs on this project. Songs don’t have to be specifically fandom or genre related, and songs you’ve released previously are absolutely fine to submit! Songs containing adult language or themes are welcome but will be given an [explicit] tag.

For submitting a song, a rough demo–even on a phone–or link to a video or live clip is totally fine. This is just to let people know how it sounds; only other people in the swap will hear it.

This project is open to anyone–regardless of skill level–if they’re willing to commit and record their track and feel comfortable recording or learning to record. Just do your best with the tools you have.
Please join the Social Justice Bards Discord or the Filker Song Swappers Facebook Group for help recording or to find collaborators!

The primary mode of contact will be email.

By submitting a song:
-You agree to have your work included for non-commercial purposes on the Streamer Song Swap Album, released via Bandcamp
-You agree that your work and the album may be used as a fundraiser drive reward (benefitting the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, via Tiltify Campaign)
-You agree that your submission can be shared with other Song Swappers for listening while making your draft picks

You can absolutely team up and collab with other people! Whoever is running point for the group should fill out the form. (It’s also fine to find collaborators after the draft as well; the main thing is knowing who the point-person is for each song so we can track everything!)

If you are an solo writer but also part of a band or group that plays collectively, it’s okay to submit for both as long as a different person runs point for each.

We encourage you to submit two songs for people to cover; only one song will be picked in the draft, but that increases the pool for folks to pick from!

How it works: after the submission period closes, all the songs will be compiled on a big playlist and you’ll have several weeks to listen and send us your ranked choices. Songs will be assigned via a draft where the musician will have their name picked from a hat and given their top choice or the next choice down if someone else picked their top choice! Once song gets picked, it’s taken off the list along with that musician’s second song. (Don’t worry; you don’t need to know any of this now!)

2023 Time frame (subject to change):
15 March – Submission form released
10 April – Submissions close
14 April – Listening period starts
20 May – Ranked choices due
28 May – Draft Drawing Stream/Song Assignments!
21 August – Recordings Due
29 September – Tentative Album Release
30 September – Tentative Online Open Filk via Zoom
26 October – Album becomes free to the public on Bandcamp
31 October – Fundraiser Campaign Concludes

Metricula reserves the right to contact folks to curate or content moderate song submissions before the final song pool is made public, if needed. Being part of the album or fundraiser is not an endorsement of any individual or their content by me, SJB, or other members, and I take responsibility for addressing concerns!

This project is not for profit, but if you have permission from the original songwriter you can place your covers for sale after the fundraiser is complete.