Storyteller: Joy Shines


A social justice bard dual-classing as a cleric, Joy has a bag full of tarot decks and a head full of stories.
Joy loves telling myths and folktales…and enjoys reminding folks that our ancestors were every bit as saucy as we are. Check out Joy Shines’ Twitch stream  or her YouTube channel for stories about saints, heroes, and gods…and a healthy amount of cussin’.
Feeling a little lost? Would talk to a pastor if you had one…but organized religion isn’t your thing? As a social justice cleric, Joy wants to provide spiritual care to folks who find themselves outside mainstream spiritual communities. Right now, this usually means giving tarot readings (available in person or online!) as a form of reflection, conversation, and spiritual care…but Joy also has training as a chaplain and ritual leader, and would be honored to put those skills to work as well. Check out the Joyful Workings website, or visit the Facebook page to learn more and set up an appointment!