Rhiannon’s Lark is a solo music project created by Alyssa Yeager (sensual vocals, growly guitar, candy-coated ukulele) to express the reality of life as a geek, goddess, and girl. Alyssa is known for her “magickal, mystical storytelling”.

She began touring the festival circuit in 2005 with the band Telling Point, and has shared bills with artists including Frenchy and the Punk, Wendy Rule, Kellianna, and Tuatha Dea. She has released 5 original albums, including a children’s album designed to encourage kids and caretakers to be creative and tell their own stories in song.

Alyssa’s background in music therapy motivates her to create songs that connect to the daily experiences in the lives of her listeners. She brings gaming, fantasy, morality, and t-rexes together into a show that will comfort your ears, get you laughing, and possibly evenĀ <gasp!>make you think.</gasp!>